SoundSpiritRadioLogoSound Spirit Radio was birthed 28th December 2018 as I was inspired to create a playlist of songs and movies on YouTube.

Music, lyrics and movies is probably the most crucial life giving medium throughout our lives that consistently encourages and lift our spirits when we’re down and struggling.

I know how much I got lost in music and movies as a kid when I struggled at school, I struggled with making friends and belonging. In my childhood I was so shy even though I looked tall and strong on the outside, I was always shy.

Join my guests each week as we share how we found hope in music, lyrics and movies, and the deeper meanings of music and lyrics and movies that inspire us to be our best selves.

To all my Anchor.fm/SoundSpiritRadio listeners who followed me from the beginning please forgive the erratic availability of these podcasts as I’ve become tuned in.

Update Thursday June 27th 2019: This passion project is iterative and moves along a bit at a time. This year has been quite a challenge to keep this vision alive and moving in the midst of the hurt and pain I am feeling because my partner of 20 years decided to divorce me.

What started with three words in December 2018, now has a little structure behind the scenes, a team of collaborators has been identified, research is underway for various elements of the show like podcast recording a delivery, interview questions and scripts, process workflows, music licensing for inclusion during the show.

The show logo of the dancing lady is temporary, I just needed a placeholder for the moment. I have ideas for for what the brand needs, but need a family of collaborators to help me create the visual elements.

This is a passion project is for communities around the world to encourage acknowledging our diversity, and restore our love for one another through blended artistic expression of music, dance, rhythm, movies, theatre, dancing and everything else we enjoy as human that derive from these forms.

I anticipate many will support our initiative with their volunteer time, and financial resources, but the goal is not to make money or sell anything. If individuals and organizations choose to support our work, almost all will go to community initiatives around the world where our teams are located.